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    Farmhouse Sourdough – Their classic hearth baked sourdough made with a mixture of locally grown and milled wheat and rye flours and leavened with their sourdough culture. This bread has a nice dark crust with an open, creamy crumb.


    Ingredients: Wheat Bread Flour* | Whole Rye Flour* | Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour* | Filtered Water | Wheat Sourdough Culture | Malted Barley Flour | Sea Salt (* = ORGANIC)


    Multigrain Sourdough – This is their classic sourdough with the addition of whole grains and a touch of sorghum, naturally leavened with their sourdough culture. This bread is especially flavorful when toasted. 


    Ingredients: Wheat Bread Flour* | Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour* | Filtered Water | Rolled Oats* | Rye Chops | Oat Groats | Brown Flax Seed | Muddy Pond Sorghum | Malted Barley Flour* | Wheat Sourdough Culture | Sea Salt.(* = ORGANIC)


    Sprouted Wheat Multigrain Pan Loaf – This bread is made with a special wheat flour that’s first sprouted, dried and then milled by their friends at Lindley Mills. Sprouted grains not only add great flavor but they also unlock nutrients in the wheat that our bodies can’t typically access. In this loaf, they pair this flour with seven whole grains for a healthy, satisfying sandwich bread. (pictured left)


    Ingredients: Sprouted Wheat Flour* | Wheat Bread Flour* | Filtered Water | Rolled Oats* | Corn Grits* | Rye Chops* | Steel Cut Oats* | Brown Flax Seeds* | Millet* | Spelt* | Sorghum | Olive Oil | Yeast | Sea Salt (* = ORGANIC)


    Farmhouse Sourdough, Sprouted Wheat Pan Loaf, Multigrain Sourdough, Sunflower Seed Pan Loaf, Corn Grit Sourdough, Deli Rye Pan Loaf, Hi Rise Cornbread Pan Loaf, Rosemary Pan Loaf, Rustic Rye, Roasted Potato + Herb Sourdough