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    We met in 2014 and we both knew it was big. Our friendship grew fast and strong through being mothers together, through cooking and feeding our families together and through finally finding our calling as Goodness Cooks. We have a lot in common. We have a gift for making simple, healthy food taste delicious and are passionate about embodied living and the enjoyment of a good meal. But, we are not trained chefs and we have not had an easy, straight-forward relationship with food.


    What we have to share with you is not just our nutrition knowledge or cooking skills, it’s the wisdom earned through wrestling with our own issues with food and eating through the years. We’ve dealt with various food allergies and auto-immune issues, felt the pressure of cooking healthy food for ourselves and our families while working full time, and grappled with self-care and self-worth as it shows up in the complex interplay between how we feel and what we eat. Throughout our journeys, we have experienced the rewards of prioritizing food as a foundational part of joyful living and we hold this value deeply.


    While we are constantly learning, we’ve gained much of the grit and real life experience needed to understand the modern struggles in the realm of food and know how to help you when it comes to making healthy choices or simply getting dinner on the table. Our greatest hope is that our food brings goodness into your life and you feel how easy self-nourishment can truly be. We look forward to welcoming you into our kitchen, getting to know you, and sharing our food with you each week.

    Lizzie Jacobs

    While traveling and working in India in my 20’s, I discovered a love for yoga and meditation and for the first time felt a true sense of embodiment. It was during this time that my passion for nourishment began. I have been a holistic chef for 20 years, cooking for large groups, from meditation and yoga retreats to corporate wellness seminars, and for individuals and families. I completed my health coach training through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012. I had my daughter, Clara Luz, that year and went on to train in early childhood education, learning so much about child development, behavior and the importance of wholesome food for growing children.

    Cordon McGee

    In 2005, I started teaching myself to cook to heal my digestive issues and help those close to me that were struggling with their health and relationship to food. My realization of the healing power of food led me to get my Masters in Nutrition from UNC Chapel Hill in 2012. My daughters, Del and Fae, were born during this time and have been teaching me the profound connection between love and food ever since. I started working as a holistic personal chef in 2015 while working at Acme Food & Beverage in Carrboro. I have also been a professional astrologer since 2015 and am forever interested in human nature and the mysteries of life.