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Welcome! This menu is now CLOSED for ordering as of Sunday at noon. Pick-up is Tuesday the 24th 5:00-6:30pm at Blue Dogwood in Chapel Hill. Detailed instructions will be sent to all that order. Thanks everyone!

**If you’ve missed the cut-off, no big deal, just email us at and we can most likely squeeze you in.** 


All menu items are GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE, unless we specify otherwise. We only use filtered reverse osmosis water and Redmond Sea Salt. (We err on the less salty side, so please add more salt to your taste if needed.) Organic and local ingredients are always listed. Enjoy!


Most items are offered as a pint or quart (which is 2 pints). If you order 2 pints of a dish instead of the quart option, we will package them individually in pints, assuming that you prefer this.

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