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    How It Works

    There are two ways to enjoy Goodness Cooks…


    1. Place an order any week you like and have it delivered or pick it up yourself on Tuesdays. New menus open Thursday evenings and ordering is open until Sunday at 10am.  


    With no subscription or minimum amount to order, you can enjoy GC week-to-week based on your unique needs. Whether you choose to pick-up or have it delivered, you’ll receive our delicious food packaged in recyclable hard plastic deli and compostable containers, ready for you to reheat and enjoy.


    2. Upgrade your experience and become a member of our ECO PROGRAM. Same great food and ordering process, but your order will be packaged in glass jars.


    Our mission is to reduce our environmental imprint by using reusable glass jars for the majority of our menu items. To support this cause, scroll to the bottom of the Shop Menu page and add the Eco Member fee to your cart. There are still no requirements to order every week – just order and pick-up as needed!


    We ask that you wash your jars, place the lids back on, and return the jars at each pick-up or leave out for the delivery driver. We sanitize the jars in accordance with the safety protocols of our local health department and put them back into the reservoir of jars we use to package the following week. You do not own your set of jars, you simply buy into the Eco Program and we handle the rest! Your fee goes toward purchasing jars and replacement lids and pays for the time and labor required to run this program.

    Become A Member


    Ordering for our new weekly menu will open on Thursday evenings. (To subscribe to our weekly mailing list and be alerted as soon as we post the menu, head to the  sign-up form at the bottom of our homepage or email us at

    ***Ordering closes SUNDAY at 10AM.***

    If you miss the deadline, reach out to us via email and we’ll see if we can fit you in.




    For pick-up…

    Pick-up is Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm at Blue Dogwood in downtown Chapel Hill at 306 W Franklin St. Detailed pick-up instructions will be sent each Monday night to all those that order.


    For delivery…

    We are proud to be offering delivery in partnership with Takeout Central Tuesday afternoons. Here’s what you need to know:


    • At checkout, enter your address to see if you are within the delivery zone, within 15 miles of Blue Dogwood Public Market. If you are, a delivery option will appear with the fee for that distance. Simply click on “delivery” and continue to payment.


    • Your order will arrive anywhere from 2:30-5:00pm on Tuesdays.


    • Your order will NOT be delivered in a bag because we always strive to avoid single-use items and unnecessary waste when possible. The driver will place your items on your front step, so having a box or cooler on your porch out is a good idea, especially during warmer months.


    • For Eco Members: Please leave your clean, empty jars on the porch ahead of time so that the driver can easily find them. The driver will pack the jars in one of our re-useable bags and deliver them back to us at the end of night.


    Want to know more? View our frequently asked questions.



    We started out as a word-of-mouth business and are so grateful to have customers that love to spread the good news about Goodness Cooks. Now we’re offering a Referral Program that truly rewards you for sharing us with others!


    Once you’re logged into your account, click on the button in the bottom right corner to get your own personal referral link. Simply copy and paste the link into an email or text to send to a friend or loved one or share on social media.


    There’s a BONUS for both you and the first time customer you’re referring:


    Anyone who uses your link to order will receive 20% off their first order.


    And once they place an order, you’ll automatically receive a $25 coupon code in your email inbox to use anytime.