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    How It Works

    There are two ways to enjoy Goodness Cooks:

    With no obligation or minimum amount to order, you can enjoy Goodness Cooks week-to-week based on your needs. Simply place an order and pick up each week. At pick up, you’ll receive our delicious food packaged in recyclable hard plastic deli and compostable containers. Our food will be fresh and ready-to-eat or fully cooked and ready to reheat.


    Become a member of our Eco-Program! Our mission is to reduce our environmental imprint by using reusable glass jars for the majority of our menu items. To support this cause, simply pay a one-time $50 fee and your food will be packaged in glass mason jars instead of plastic. We simply ask that you wash your jars, place the lids back on, and return the jars at each pick-up. We will sanitize the jars in accordance with the safety protocols of our local health department and put them back into the reservoir of jars we will use to package the following week. You do not own your set of jars, you simply buy into the glass jar program and we handle the rest! Your fee goes toward purchasing jars and replacement lids and pays for the time and labor required to run this program. There are still no requirements to order every week – just order and pick-up as needed!

    Become A Member


    Our menu will be posted on Thursday afternoons. To get on our weekly mailing list and be alerted as soon as we post the menu, email us at

    Orders must be in by ***Saturday at noon***.

    Pick-up is on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm at Blue Dogwood in downtown Chapel Hill at 306 W Franklin St. We prefer that you use the back parking lot to pick-up. This entrance is located right next to the Key Food Mart convenience store on Rosemary St. (Look for the brick building with big green shutters.) Detailed pick-up instructions will be sent each week to all those that order.

    ***Covid-19 response: We are now doing curbside pick-up only. Before pick-up each week, we will send an email to every customer that orders with detailed instructions and the number to text when you arrive. 

    Want to know more? View our frequently asked questions.